What We Do

Businesses are now starting to recognise the medium to long-term risks associated with biodiversity loss and the simultaneous need to fundamentally change the way we work. We are beginning to understand the urgency of this situation, and more than ever, businesses are making resources available to support their transition to a nature positive way of working.

Wild Plan engages with stakeholders across multiple sectors to effect systematic change and work towards a nature positive future for Ireland.

Every business is unique and interacts with nature in very dynamic and complex ways. Our approach is adaptable,  bespoke and, tailored to your situation. 

Our Service Package

Understand your organisational context, how does your business and your sector interact with nature? How can you map your value chain, identify your impacts and dependencies and engage your stakeholders? How can you produce a materiality report?

How can you develop internal metrics and measurements for success? How can you set SMART science-based targets with impactful outcomes?

How can you monitor and evaluate your outcomes? What needs to adapt within your business and within your sector to catalyse systems change?

How can you tell your story? How can you avoid greenwashing? How can you disclose appropriately?